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Serious About Safety


Our blog discussing workplace safety opportunities in Nova Scotia.

CANSWorks supports adult learners, construction industry

A new program called CANSWorks has been launched in Nova Scotia, offering adult learners the opportunity to earn credits required to complete Grade 12, and the skills needed to work in a variety of construction jobs and entry-level positions.

Report Underscores Focus on Safety

A recent Transportation Safety Board report is a stark reminder of the importance of our work to change the safety culture in Nova Scotia's fishing industry.

WCB Launches Back Agents Campaign

Nova Scotia is getting safer. Our province’s workplace injury rate is at a 15 year low. But we still have a lot of work to do to until workplace injuries become a thing of the past. A big part of that challenge is eliminating back injuries. Back injuries continue to hurt people, productivity and profits across Nova Scotia.

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Working together to develop a 2013-2017
Workplace Safety Strategy for Nova Scotia