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Workplace Safety Strategy Update: Nova Scotia shows energy and a renewed sense of commitment towards workplace safety

Just a little over three years ago, Nova Scotia’s Workplace Safety Strategy was officially launched. In the years since, significant progress has been made.

 It’s easy to list off the vast number of achievements being accomplished under the different “pillars” of the Strategy - pillars such as education and training, leadership and small and medium-sized businesses. What is harder to put into words is the surge of energy that has emerged in communities across Nova Scotia – organizations, safety associations, employers and employees...all coming together to make our Province a safer and healthier place to work.

When the Strategy was introduced, it was made clear that if it were to be successful, it would need to be embraced by all Nova Scotians – it could not be a document “owned” by government or WCB Nova Scotia.  

One of the greatest accomplishments of the Strategy is that this is actually happening.

In three years, the Strategy has executed a number of new programs, introduced additional resources and provided more education and training, all to advance workplace health and safety in the Province.

We continue to move in the right direction. Based on the measures we have set,  Nova Scotia is about fourth in the country when it comes to our progress toward being Canada’s safest place to work. Our vision reaches higher - we want to be at the top of that list.

Today, three years since the Strategy was launched more and more Nova Scotians clearly understand that what they do at work and each decision they make on the job has the potential to forever alter the course of their life, and the lives of those who care about them.

We’ve prepared a video to share the Workplace Safety Strategy journey to date, and our hopes for the future ahead.



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