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Safe Resident Handling and Mobility – IT TAKES A TEAM

** The following is the second of two blog posts on The MacLeod Group’s approach to Safe Resident Handling and Mobility. The posts are written by WCB Nova Scotia's Louise Barker, a Health & Social Services Workplace Consultant.

“Leadership can be defined as the process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal. Leaders who provide their team with a definite sense of direction and purpose tend to have more satisfied and committed employees.” – Soteria Strains Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Program Guide

At the MacLeod group, leadership is seen at all levels throughout the corporation and within the respective long term care homes.  In particular, the engagement and commitment by frontline leaders has been critical to the success of the implementation of the Safe Resident Handing and Mobility (SRHM) Program at the MacLeod group.  

Two of these frontline leaders are Karen Doucette, a Registered Nurse (RN) at Annapolis Royal Nursing Home and Anne Underhill, a Physiotherapy Assistant (PTA) from MacLeod Group’s Annapolis Royal Nursing Home.  These champions embody the concept that great things can happen when two passionate people work together with collaboration and respect.

Karen and Anne both attended a workshop for SRHM in March 2015, contributing their thoughts and challenging those “new” ways that residents should be handled.  After the workshop they returned to their workplace to get to work, to reinforce the great things that are already in place at Annapolis Royal, and to identify any gaps and implement a practices and structures to address necessary changes.  

Karen and Anne are instrumental in providing staff training on the new SRHM program, communicating the expectations of the program and fostering participation with all employees.  Together, they have formed a team with other safety champions to monitor the program and gather regular feedback with the goal of make continuous improvements to their SRHM program. 

Their inspiration to continue to educate across the organization comes from a recent experience with a colleague who was, as they put it, “leary of these new changes and expectations” of the SRHM program.  After seeing the benefits of repositioning with appropriate equipment, this staff member now champions this message with her peers. Karen declared that for her this was priceless and validated the work they are doing.  

Yet again, the success that Karen and Anne have had in the implementation of the SRHM program at Annapolis Royal Nursing Home is a shared success story, resulting from the hard work of Karen, Anne and the team, with the support of Terese Andrews, the Director of Facility and Resident Care and Heather Beaudoin, Director of Health and Wellness for the MacLeod Group and also the engagement and leadership of all frontline workers. 

 Conrgratulations to all involved, you're truly making a long-lasting impact in your organization and your industry.


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