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CANSWorks supports adult learners, construction industry

On January 26th, a new program called CANSWorks was launched in Nova Scotia. CANSWorks offers adult learners the opportunity to earn credits required to complete Grade 12, and the skills needed to work in a variety of construction jobs and entry-level positions.  

The collaborative initiative, developed and executed by the Construction Association of Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education, the Nova Scotia School of Adult Learning, and the Nova Scotia Community College, came to fruition through the desire to increase the number of motivated, skilled and experienced workers entering the construction industry. The NSCC is already established as a leader in safety education, implementing a workplace safety component in much of their curriculum, in addition to offering a certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

The initiative is another example of the way industry and government have been working together to prepare people to embark on a satisfying career path here at home, in Nova Scotia. Participants will be expected to complete a work placement program for up to 24 weeks where they will receive important hands-on training and expertise. 

For more information, or to apply for the program, you can contact Michelle Fievet at mfievet@cans.ns.ca or by phone at (902)468-2267 ext. 711. 

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